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(Preferred Customer Service Agreement)

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Our PCSA brings you peace of mind and cost-effective protection.

You invested a lot of money and time into your homes heating and cooling system, so why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment? You wouldn’t buy a car and then neglect the oil changes. A preventative maintenance agreement is that exact same concept for your home.

Whether you just purchased a system or have a system that is a few years old, a PCSA will save you money. A typical repair can range anywhere from $250 to $1,200 dollars. Having your system checked out regularly will give you the chance to avoid those costs.

We will come out twice a year to:

  • fully inspect and clean your system
  • check all your fluid levels
  • clean your coils
  • make sure that your systems are running their best

It can be an absolute crisis if your heating system breaks down in the middle of the night when it is below freezing weather. A PCSA will protect your family in all seasons of the year.

Midwest Contractor provides 24/7 Emergency Repair Service Central Ohio
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PCSA Application PDF

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Sign up today to start protecting your investment!

Sign up by completing our online application form below or by clicking the button in the adjacent column for a downloadable, printable (PDF) document to complete offline and mail.

One of our Midwest Contractor customer service professionals will reach out to you to complete payment and schedule your first PCSA appointment.

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Apply for PCSA (Preferred Customer Service Agreement) August 13, 2018