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Midwest Contractor cannot succeed without your business.  You deserve to have a reasonable expectation for service excellence—especially for major line items for your home or business.  We are proud of our values and commitment to treating our customers as we would hope to be treated if walking in your shoes.  If at any time you do not feel that the service you receive is up to that high standard, Midwest Contractor management wants to hear from you immediately.

General Service Expectations

Midwest Contractor provides 24/7 Emergency Repair Service Central Ohio
Midwest Contractor is a Carrier Expert in Central Ohio

Scheduling an Appointment for Midwest Contractor Service

When scheduling an appointment for any Midwest Contractor Service, we are committed to customer service excellence and consistent delivery across all areas of our expertise.

  1. We will be on time for your appointment. If there is a problem with scheduling, we will call you in advance. Please give all of your contact information including cell phone, landline, and email. Keep in mind: Midwest Contractor does not sell, rent or give away your information.
  2. When we arrive at your home we will be happy to wear shoe coverings if you wish.
  3. We will ask appropriate questions about your problem and other relevant matters in your home.
  4. We will ask what you may have already attempted in troubleshooting or improving the problem so we have a clear picture, and we know if anything attempted might impact the problem.
  5. When we are at your home we will be prepared to offer you a written proposal.
  6. Midwest Contractor professionals will be courteous and will respect your home.
  7. If you have pets inside the home, please ensure that they are safely secured.  Our service professionals may need to go in and out of your home frequently, and while they will be observant and careful, we want to ensure that your pets don’t escape.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you.

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Heating/Cooling Service Expectations

When scheduling an appointment to replace your Air Conditioning System, Furnace and/or Heat Pump please keep in mind, “Three-heads are always better than two.” Your new Heating or Air Conditioning System will be very important for your personal comfort and efficiency and also for the future resale of your home. It is best to have all decision makers at the home in order to get the best information.

Most people want to know, “What actually is a good Furnace replacement or AC replacement system for my home? How is it designed for superior comfort and great energy-saving? Am I getting the best price?”

When you schedule an appointment with Midwest Contractor for a new Furnace, Central Air Conditioner or Heat Pump, here’s what you can expect from your Representative in addition to our general service excellence commitment:

  1. We will ask several questions about your old Heating and Air Conditioning System, Air-Flow and how well your home is insulated.
  2. Have you ever checked to see if your Cold-Air-Returns actually work? We can do that for you at your request.
  3. We would also like to know if you have any “problem areas.” Areas that do not seem to heat or cool as well as you would like them to. We will ask what are the temperature levels that you like to keep.
  4. We will need to inspect the existing Furnace, AC or HP, the Thermostat and the Duct-Work, and the Electric Service. It is also good to look at or evaluate the crawl space and the attic, when possible.
  5. When we are at your home we will be prepared to offer you a written proposal. We can arrange installation, at a convenient time, for your new Furnace and AC. MIDWEST accepts major charge and debit cards. We can also arrange for financing for most customers. Ask us about a “cash discount.”
  6. When you purchase a new Furnace, Central AC, or Heat Pump from Midwest Contractor, you can expect great equipment, properly installed, backed up by a company you can rely on, all at a fair price!

Thank you for the opportunity to help you.

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Electrical Service Expectations

When scheduling an appointment for Electrical services—whether a repair or new installation, here’s what you can expect from your Representative in addition to our general service excellence commitment:

  1. We will ask you to show us the location of your electrical panel.
  2. We will ask you to provide details about any problem and evaluate whether there is any safety risk.  We will advise you accordingly.
  3. If the service involves the installation of new lighting, electrical outlets, etc. we will verify the location desired before we begin.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you.

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Remodeling Service Expectations

Coming soon.

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Roofing Service Expectations

Coming soon.

WHAT TO EXPECT July 9, 2014

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