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Heating And Cooling Columbus Ohio

Heating And Cooling Columbus Ohio

When it comes to heating and cooling in Columbus, Ohio, few contractors are as committed to their customers as our technicians at Midwest Contractor. If you need an emergency repair, service to your HVAC system, replacement options, or a new construction installation estimate, we’re here for you- day and night. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or explore our website’s resources for information on how to enjoy year-round comfort at a very affordable cost.

Repairs & Maintenance

Most of the calls we receive at Midwest Contractor involve common repairs and maintenance service to keep HVAC systems operating efficiently. If you’ve recently noticed your HVAC system is making unusual noises, is not functioning efficiently, or is exhibiting problems that require immediate attention, give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a technician to your location as soon as possible. We’ll always look for the most effective and affordable solution for restoring efficiency by making repairs whenever possible; however, no HVAC was designed to last forever.

Replacement Units

If it doesn’t make sense to repair your system or you’re looking to improve efficiency or reduce energy costs, we can recommend a replacement model that will provide many years of service to your home or business. Rest assured, we’ll always seek to repair your system before we explore the possibility of a replacement, but when it’s necessary to upgrade, it can be comforting to know we have your best interest as the focus of our advice and recommendations.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Midwest Contractor is proud of our reputation as a conscientious provider of affordable heating and cooling in Columbus, Ohio. We work hard to keep costs of operating your HVAC to a minimum by offering what we consider the best 'Preferred Customer Service Agreement' in the city. When you sign up for our premier maintenance plan, we’ll come out twice annually to provide:

  • Full HVAC system inspections and system cleanings
  • Fluid level checks
  • Coil cleanings
  • Efficiency inspections

The Benefits of Joining Homer’s Cool and Cozy Club

It seems like HVAC systems break down at the worst possible time. Our PCSA plan can significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience a breakdown. You’ve invested a lot of money into making sure your family, guests, friends, customers, and clients remain comfortable when they visit your building. Let’s partner together to make sure an inopportune system failure does not compromise your building's comfort level. Our PCSA plan offers the following perks and amenities:

  • Spring and Fall inspections
  • Priority service and 1st available appointment guarantee
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Transferable agreements
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • No after-hour fees
  • Inflation protection
  • Lower energy bills
  • Longer lasting equipment
  • Free Cool & Cozy kit at every inspection

We’ve Got You Covered

You’ll sleep better knowing our experts are trained and certified to provide repairs when you call us for heating and cooling in Columbus, Ohio. Midwest Contractor is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction when we come out and service your HVAC system.

Heating And Cooling Columbus Ohio