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Homer's Cool and Cozy Club: Our Preferred Customer Service Agreement (PCSA)

Homer's Cool and Cozy Club is membership is Midwest Contractor's Preferred Customer Service Agreement (PCSA).  Protect your Heating/Cooling investment and realize tremendous benefits at a very affordable cost.

Midwest Contractor Homer
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  • Two annual inspections (Spring & Fall) and cleaning for your heating and cooling system
  • Priority Service and First Available Appointment Guarantee!
  • Longer lasting equipment with improved capacity
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Transferable Agreements
  • 24-hour Emergency services
  • Never pay an after-hours fee
  • Lower energy cost on utility bills
  • Inflation protection
  • A "Cool and Cozy" Kit for your little ones at every annual inspection

Download:  Homer's Cool and Cozy Club Benefits {pdf} (coming soon)

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Midwest Contractor provides 24/7 Emergency Repair Service Central Ohio

Year-round Protection with Homer's Cool and Cozy Club

Doesn't it seem like heating and cooling systems break down at the most inopportune time?  Heating breaks down in the middle of the night during freezing weather or cooling stops during the sweltering summer heat.  A PCSA with Homer's Cool and Cozy Club will protect your family regardless of the season!

Join Homer's Cool and Cozy Club Today!

Our PCSA (Preferred Customer Service Agreement)

Complete our online PCSA Application Form


Download our PCSA Application {PDF} to complete and mail (coming soon)

Call us at (614) 252-5241 with any questions!

Why would I need a Maintenance Agreement? Doesn't my system take care of itself?

You have invested a lot of money into your home's heating and cooling system, so why wouldn't you want to protect that investment?  Just as in purchasing a new car, we wouldn't dream of skipping the oil changes.

Similarly, with your heating and cooling systems — whether new or older — preventive maintenance performed on a regular schedule will optimize and protect your investment.   A PCSA (Preferred Customer Service Agreement) will save you money on any system.  A typical repair ranges in cost from $250 to $1,200.  Having your system checked out regularly will give you the chance to avoid those expenses.   We will come out twice a year to fully inspect and clean your system.  We will check all fluid levels, clean your coils, and make sure your systems are running their best.


Download our PCSA Information Sheet {pdf} (coming soon!)

As a member of Homer's Cool and Cozy Club, you have access to many exclusive benefits that include a 15% discount on all parts and the guarantee of our next available appointment for rapid attention to your service needs.  Even better, if yours is an after-hours emergency, members enjoy 24-hour emergency service coverage with no late-night or weekend charges.

Homer has you covered!

For those with young children, Homer will send along his Cool and Cozy Kit!  Many parents appreciate a fun distraction for the little ones affording some time to ask our Technicians questions and address any concerns they might have about the system.

Sign up today!  Complete our online application form, downloadable/mailable form or call us and become a member of Homer's Cool and Cozy Club for protection!

Homer’s Cool and Cozy Club June 14, 2018