Central Ohio’s Trusted One-Stop Home Improvement Shop Since 1907

Central Ohio’s Trusted One-Stop Home Improvement Shop Since 1907

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Midwest Contractor, now A Kassel Company, has been a favored Central Ohio roofing, remodeling, electrical and heating and cooling contractor since 1907.

We offer HVAC installation, service, and heating or air conditioning repair. Our wide range of services also include: emergency heating and cooling, electrical, and roofing repair to homeowners and businesses in all areas of Columbus and Central Ohio.

BBB Accredited since 1950! A+ Rating!

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Midwest Contractor Reviews & Testimonials

Our go-to company for heating and cooling

We moved into a new home in April, and had to have our air conditioner and furnace looked over to make sure everything was working correctly. One of their mechanics came out and checked everything, played with our dog, and was very quick and efficient. We signed up for their annual service agreement. They called us to schedule an appointment to come check our furnace again for the winter, and made time to come out when we were available. They sent the same mechanic to us that was there before. And again, he was efficient, explained everything to me that he checked and did. Again, was very kind. I am looking forward to using Midwest as my "go-to" company for heating and cooling.

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Midwest Heating and Cooling

646 S Nelson Rd

Columbus, OH 43205


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