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Midwest Contractor, a family owned firm, can help by sending a storm specialist to:

  • Meet with you at your home.
  • Assess storm damage (Roof, Siding, Gutters, Down spouts, Awnings, Screens, Etc.)
  • Contact your insurance firm to assure all damages are addressed and take the burden off of you.
  • Restore your home by replacing the damaged items.

Midwest Contractor

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    1. Call your insurance agent to initiate a claim.
    2. Write down the claim number the agent or claim center gives you.
    3. When the adjuster calls tell him/her that no one is to come without an appointment.
    4. Call Midwest Contractor at (614) 733-8385 and give them the date and time the adjuster is coming so we can arrive ahead of time.
    5. We will meet the adjuster to view the damages and discuss specifications.
    6. Call Midwest Contractor (614-929-2402) when you receive the adjusters written report and make a copy of all the pages.
    7. We will come to your home and pick up the report if you cannot fax it to us. We will review the report and recommend whether or not it is complete and acceptable. It is normal for us to negotiate additional items with the insurance company. We will have a discussion with you and then settle the claim.
    8. We will meet with you and decide on color and type of shingles, siding, etc. We will write a contract with all the necessary specifications of the work.
    9. We will schedule and complete the work.
    10. We will provide a proper invoice for the insurance company to release any back funds.

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From emergency roof and gutter repairs to your choice of new roofs,
MIDWEST CONTRACTOR provides prompt, professional service throughout the Columbus, area.

Residential and commercial customers trust MIDWEST CONTRACTOR.
because we guarantee quality workmanship coupled with reliable service.

  • Full Service Contractor – With 3 Divisions: Roofing, Remodeling, and Heating & Cooling
  • 96 Years of Excellence – 2011 Consumer Choice Award Winner, Angie’s List
  • NARI Member – National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • BBB Member – Joined the Better Business Bureau in 1952
  • 6 Licenses – Contractors, Plumbing, Electric, Heating, Boiler, and Refrigeration