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Simple Things to Try Before Calling Midwest Heating and Cooling for Service
You can always count on Midwest Heating and Cooling for help and furnace repair. But here are a few simple things to try before scheduling a visit to your home for furnace service:
Pre-Furnace Service or Furnace Repair Checklist
  1. Check to make sure that your thermostat is set in the “heat” position.
  2. Make sure that the temperature setting on the thermostat is set above (or higher than) the indoor temperature showing on the thermostat.
  3. Ensure that there is power to the furnace.
    • Try turning the fan to “ON” using the fan switch on the thermostat to test for power to furnace.
  4. Check the circuit breakers at the electrical panel.
  5. Check the SSU switch (it looks like a light switch on a gray box located at the furnace) to be sure it is in the “ON” position.
  6. Check to ensure the furnace filter isn’t in need of replacement.
    • All one-inch thick furnace filters should be replaced monthly.
    • Wider two-inch thick and other high-capacity pleated filters can most likely be changed every other month or just six times per year.
  7. If the furnace is running but you have not changed your filter, the filter needs to be replaced prior to calling for furnace service.
  8. Check all return air grilles to make sure they are not blocked by furniture.
    • Check all supply air registers to make sure they are open and blowing air. (The return air grilles are normally located on your walls and are wide and flat).
If the above list does not solve your problem, contact Midwest Heating and Cooling right away for heating service. Be sure to have your model number.


Furnace Model Serial Number

   Find Your Model and Serial Number

Knowing the model and Serial number of your product will help you troubleshoot any problems and will make it easier for us to complete your furnace repair.

In addition to being listed in your owner’s manual or other paperwork that came with your furnace, the model number is also posted directly on your unit.

You can find the model number listed on a “rating plate” sticker. To locate this sticker remove the upper front panel and look on various surfaces inside the furnace.

If you have a different furnace other than Trane the sticker could be in another place.


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