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Are you looking for residential heating repair or HVAC installation services? We offer top quality home heater repair and maintenance in Columbus Ohio?

residential HVAC heating repair

Residential HVAC Repair service you can rely on!

Midwest Residential Heating Repair Service has been a family favorite in Columbus Ohio since 1907. Our 100 plus years in residential heating repair, HVAC installation has paved the way to a long line of happy customers and repeat business.

We’ll bring you the best in residential heating system design, residential heating installation, home heating repair and home heating maintenance.

Our Mission: We strive to deliver fast and professional service for home heating repair, heating service emergencies, and heating installations. Our efficient after-sales support ensures everything is working perfectly with your heating system to keep you cozy and comfortable.


Heating Repair Service Midwest Contractor Columbus Ohio

Our Home Heating repair and Furnace repair services:

  • Residential Heating Installation
  • Residential Heating Repair
  • Residential Heating Systems Maintenance (gas, oil, electric, boilers and more)
  • Water Heaters
  • Purification Systems
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair

Residential Heating Repair and HVAC Repair in Columbus OH

You will want to make sure your heating unit is working when the cold winter months roll around in Columbus Ohio. A heater that is not maintained can cause discomfort and sickness. You don't want to be freezing in the winter, so therefore you want to make sure your heater is working properly. Midwest Contractor understands how important it is to get your HVAC system up and running again, so we fix it fast and we fix it right.

Professional Home HVAC Maintenance in Columbus Ohio

Whether you heat your home with electricity, natural gas or heating oil, Midwest Contractor can provide expert maintenance, repairs and system replacement. If you need emergency heating repair service in Columbus OH, then our HVAC professionals will be there! If you need heating system installation for a new construction or a replacement of an old system, then we can do it! Midwest Contractor will fix and install HVAC units with the greatest expertise and professionalism in Columbus Ohio! No one does it better than Midwest Contractor for all of your HVAC repair needs!

Call us for Home HVAC, residential heating repair in Columbus Ohio!

Heat Pump Service and Heating Repair

You can be sure that Midwest Contractor will exceed your expectations with heat pump installation and heat pump repair issues. A heat pump is a mechanical device that transfers heat from from one place to another. A heat pump keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Typically, there are two types of heat pumps. An air-source heat pump pulls heat indoors from the outdoor air in the winter and from the indoor air in the summer. A geothermal heat pump extracts heat from the indoor air when it's hot outside, but when it's cold outside, it draws heat into a home from the ground.

More About Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump's refrigeration system consists of a compressor, and two coils made of copper tubing, which are surrounded by aluminum fins to aid heat transfer. The coils look much like the radiator in your car. Like in a refrigerator or air-conditioner, refrigerant flows continuously through pipes, back and forth from the outdoor coils. In the heating mode, liquid refrigerant extracts heat from the outside coils and air, and moves it inside as it evaporates into a gas. The indoor coils transfer heat from the refrigerant as it condenses back into a liquid. A reversing valve, near the compressor, can change the direction of the refrigerant flow for cooling, as well as, for defrosting the outdoor coils in winter.

Call us for home HVAC installation and residential heating repair in Columbus Ohio!

HVAC Water Heater Repair in Columbus OH

Midwest Contractor can repair your existing water heater or install a more efficient water heater for your Columbus Ohio home. If your water heater cannot be repaired or if it will cost more to repair than to replace, then it may be a good idea to install a new water heater. Call us today and we can help diagnose any water heater problems.

24 Hour Emergency Residential Heating Repair Service

Business and home owners know that our Central Ohio unpredictable weather can turn on a dime—from extreme cold to sweltering heat. Being ready for temperature changes means having a heating repair specialist you can rely on. If you need emergency home HVAC installation or residential heating repair service, then give us a call! We are available for all emergencies!

Join the thousands of customers who have relied on us for over 100 years for residential HVAC heating installation and home heating repair.

We are professionals at MIDWEST Contractor Heating and Cooling for residential heating repair or HVAC installation in Columbus OH.

Professional Residential Heating Repair Services in Columbus OH that you can rely on!

Midwest Contractor Heating and Cooling differs from other heating repair service businesses in Columbus, Ohio. We have skilled heating repair and HVAC repair technicians ready to service your heating needs 24/7.

For 24 hour service, you can count on our factory trained technicians to repair all major brands of HVAC heater, heat pumps, air conditioners, boilers, water heaters etc. We at Midwest answer many of your HVAC related questions.

Call us for Home Heating Repair and Residential HVAC Services in Columbus Ohio!

Thousands of Satisfied HVAC and Residential Heating Repair Customers

Join the thousands of customers who have relied on us for over 100 years for home heating repair and HVAC installation service.

Contact us at (614) 733-8385 and we will fix your HVAC system! Midwest Contractor always offers residential heating repair services in Columbus OH that you can rely on!

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24 Hour heating repair service in Columbus Ohio

24 Hour Emergency Residential Heating Repair Service!

Is it getting a bit nippy outside in Columbus Ohio? Are you freezing inside? Do you need an emergency residential heating and furnace repair for your home? Midwest Contractor will be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We work all Holidays, because we want to make your home is at a comfortable and warm temperature! Call us Now: 614-733-8385

Midwest Contractor will come to your home and fix your HVAC unit! We provides furnace repair service to all areas of Columbus Ohio: 43002, 43004, 43016, 43017, 43026, 43035, 43054, 43065, 43068, 43081, 43082, 43085, 43109, 43110, 43119, 43123, 43125, 43137, 43147, 43201, 43202, 43203, 43204, 43205, 43206, 43207, 43209, 43210, 43211, 43212, 43213, 43214, 43215, 43217, 43219, 43220, 43221, 43222, 43223, 43224, 43227, 43228, 43229, 43230, 43231, 43232, 43235, 43240.

Other Service Areas

Bexley, Blacklick, Canal Winchester, Clintonville, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Galena, Galloway, German Village, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Groveport, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Marble Cliff, New Albany, Obetz, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Sunbury, Upper Arlington, West Jefferson, Westerville, Whitehall, Worthington.

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Quick, highly recommended professional team at Midwest Contractor

I've dealt with Midwest several times over the years, from roofing/gutters on my 2-story home to installing high efficiency central air in our existing furnace, and later replacing the old furnace after it was destroyed by a 22-inch deep basement flood. The high efficiency units they have installed will save us a ton of money in the future. All the work they have done for me has been quick, courteous, and very professional. No muss, no fuss, and perfect results.

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