Energy Saving Calculators

We have created energy saving calculators so you can determine how much energy your furnace or air conditioner uses. We hope to create a greener, more efficient world and wish to provide you with the easiest and best tools to help this cause.

By using these calculators, you will be able to differentiate between standard furnaces and energy-efficient furnaces, or standard air conditioners and energy-efficient air conditioners.

Keep in mind that by using these calculators, you will also be able to determine how much MONEY you can save through energy-efficient furnaces and air conditioners.

The more you know about energy use, the more you can save money and save the environment.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions concerning heating service and air conditioning service!


Heating Energy Saver Guide

Click to download a PDF of our guide on how you can save energy this Winter!

Heating Energy Saver